The TikTok takeover

If you asked me six months ago if I had TikTok, I would have said ‘what’s that?’ fast forward to today, it is the last app I close before I go to sleep, and the first one I open in the morning.

In this day and age, apps come and go, some are fads that people get bored of after a few months, others get caught up in a scandal of sorts and become a distant memory, and more often than not we revert to trusty old Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. TikTok however, is making waves across the globe, and it appears it is here to stay.

Like many forms of social media, TikTok has faced its fair share of scrutiny, with some parents deeming it harmful to their children. It is understandable, social media can be a dangerous place, and with TikTok being so appealing to the younger generation, it is easy to see why parents would be worried.

However, during the lockdown period, it appears adults have been taking to TikTok too, sometimes making fun videos with their children, or more often than not, using it as a creative outlet for themselves. TikTok is the perfect place to emerge ourselves in fun dance routines that can help us stay active, relive funny moments in television history and connect and relate to other people around the world.

Despite the negative impacts of social media to our mental health, it is the current climate that makes the positives so lucid. When our loved ones are so far away, they have never felt so close through the amazing technology that is social media.

TikTok allows us make worldwide connections with people who have the same interests, and also facilitates a creative outlet for people which is essential right now when life consists of the same four walls. There are fashion videos, cooking tutorials, how to make the perfect cookies, things we can use to keep us busy everyday.

TikTok has really emphasised how remarkable social media is, with trends that go viral through the app overnight. Now more than ever it has demonstrated how connected we are as human beings and brings a sense of community when we have never needed it more.    

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